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The Midwest Marlins travel baseball and Softball program are looking for business partners/ Sponsors to ensure we give the best experience possible. We have over 270 families in our program; a great group of young men & women who are very talented and competitive; and we’re growing very fast. In only 13 years we’ve grown from 2 teams to 20 teams; our teams have won multiple championships; and our coaches have positively impacted our families and our community. We have placed over 200 players to play college baseball and beyond, We have helped all these families in the process of obtaining scholarships athletically and academically. We are a purpose driven organization with the mindset to help our youth and community achieve their goals. 

You can help support this great group of young men & women by submitting a  donation to support the Midwest Marlins.  Any donations need to be made out to ( Midwest Marlins Baseball LLC). Please Contact Ryan Weaver to learn more about sponsoring the Midwest Marlins Organization.

Thank you in advance. We truly appreciate your partnership in supporting this great group of marlins players. Without your support we wouldn't be the most successful organization in the Midwest. Go Marlins! 



Please direct questions to: Ryan Weaver